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A Story Of Sweet Grapes

Vad Diilst.Ahmadnager (Maharashtra)

  Viticulture on rocky soil of his slope is considered to be impossible. However, at times, hard working farmers could prove such conceptions false. Chandrahas Adasure , a farmer from Vilad village, not only disproved this conception alone but established another that viticulture is possible in the Nager District by producing export quality grapes.

  A railway track goes along the village, creating an impression that commuting to and from nearby necessities would be easy for the villagers. But that is far from the ground reality. Forestation by the forest department encompasses the village, 10 kms away from Nager city, from 3 sides. The farm lands of the villager are therefore located at a nearby hill. The hill, though short in height, has covered all the farm lands, making it difficult to farm. The forestation work has helped raised water table and all the wells in the village have abandons of water. The village also has a percolation tank in the vicinity. This year the rain gods showered in the area liberally, resulting in overflowing of the tank. The hardships of regarding the farm land have doubled, as the tank water has submitted the roads. Member of Adsure Patil family and there farm hand have to reach the farm by crossing through waste deep water. However, once we cross the water log, a green patch awaits us. It is the vineyard developed by the Adsure Patils .

  Vineyard in Nager district is a miracle of sorts. Probably it would be the first vineyard in this part of District, as for quite a long time it has been held that viticulture is not possible in the district for various reasons. Even thinking of vineyards was thought to be out of this world. However, Chandrahas Adsure Patil did think differently. Some of his friends from the neighbouring Nashik district are viticulturist by profession. They advised Chandrhas to develop vineyard on his land. Chanrahas worked accordingly and made the impossible the possible. His hard work paid rech dividend in the forms export quality grapes.

  Chandahs was aware that the National Horticulture Mission (NHM) is providing assistance to farmers aspiring to venture into horticulture. He reached the agricultural officials and the NHM officials who provided him with information related to all the schemes covered under the NHM. Sufficient and regular water supply vineyard is the quiet essential factor in developing vineyards. Therefore Chanrahas took lead in constructing a community pond with a capacity of 10000 cubic meters. The pond helps 6 farmers in the area. The NHM provided a grant of Rs.4.14 lakh for the farm pond. Apart from using the pond for irrigation Charahas is practicing pisciculture too. Here again, his efforts helped farmers in the region remove yet another misconception. Earlier it was held that pisciculture is not possible in a farm pond based on a layer of polythene paper. However, Chandrahas success has helped remove this misconception. Since then he has been busy informing visiting farmers and local leaders the secretes behind the fisheries and the vineyard.

 For this vineyard a grant of Rs.4.45 lakh was sanctioned. The vineyard grant was credited to him in actual installment of Rs.22500, Rs.9000, Rs.13700 respectively for the last 3 years. Agricultural Superintendent Suresh Joshi, Agricultural assistant A.S.Dhage paid regular visits to the vineyard and guided Adsure Chandrahas.

  The vineyard is spread over an area of 2.6 hectors it consist of 3 varieties grape Sonaka ,Thomson and ganesh all in equal measure. He invested Rs.4 lakh for the construction of the vineyard. He had to face many hardships in the initial phase. The material inputs required for the supportive infrastructure of a vineyard were not available at Nagar, the district headquarter. It included pumps, pesticides, fertilizer etc. He had to reach Nahsik for these inputs. For the purpose of soil testing he had to approach the National research institute of grapes at Manjri in Pune district. Skilled labour required for plantation of grapes was available only at Nashik. Same was the case of marketing facilities for the produce. Chandrahas knew that meticulous study of the situation alone could lead to lasting solution and he followed the path of study. He has maintained yearly record of fog/mist, rains and general condition of atmosphere in the Region where his plantation is located., for he knows that fog or rains could cause damage to the vineyard. One has to be ready to face such atmosphere. Otherwise such atmosphere can bring the revenues down to held in just 4 days. He say, for grapes, rains are more dangerous than scarcity. Three member of his family worked in the plantation apart from 6 regular labours. Moreover, he has to take help of 28 more persons during the season.

  Exporting grape is not an easy task. The grapes have to undergo many test and subscribe to various standards. It is verifies whether the farmer has used banned substances as fertilizers or pesticides. Moreover, the expanses on containers and air transportation are at times beyond capacity of farmer. However, once the grapes reach Target County, It brings profits. To easy these hardship to an extent, Chandrahas has suggested that quality laboratories, fertilizers and pesticides requires for grape, Cold Storage facility, implement for grading should be made available in Nagar District and the cost norms of new plantation for the grapes under NHM shall be revised upward based on prevailing market rate. He has also suggested that grape should be cover under crop loan scheme. It is now expected that more and more farmers come forward taking a cue from Adusre Patil and venture into Horticulture.


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